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Targeting Metabesity Conferences are organized by the non-profit organization Kitalys Institute and we strive to keep registration costs low or even with no costs for certain entities.

Email addresses ending in .gov (NIH, FDA, CMS, Congress and international equivalents) and press will get full comp codes, while academics, students (.edu) and not-for-profits (.org), and their international equivalents, will qualify for discounted tickets of $49.  A regular ticket is $149.

Click below to register for the conference.

Metabesity 2022 is an open conference whose audience like to connect with each other.  Registrants will be listed in a directory made available to conference attendees.  Please click here if you would prefer not to be listed in the directory.


To apply promo codes:
Step 1: Select "tickets" icon in Eventbrite

Step 2: Select "Enter promo code" in top left section


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