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Vadim Gladyshev, PhD

Professor of Medicine and Director, Center for Redox Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, USA

Dr. Vadim Gladyshev is a Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and Associate Member at the Broad Institute. He seeks to understand the nature of aging and define principles of lifespan control. Dr. Gladyshev's lab applies high-throughput and computational approaches to achieve a systems-level understanding of the aging process and develop interventions that extend lifespan. His lab has sequenced the genomes of several mammals with exceptional lifespan and identified genes and pathways that may contribute to their longevity. His lab also carried out analyses of gene expression and metabolites across large panels of mammals, interventions, and cell types, developing longevity signatures. Using these signatures, one may identify new pharmacological, dietary, and genetic interventions that extend lifespan. To characterize longevity interventions in mice, they also developed blood and multi-tissue DNA methylation clocks. Together, these approaches and tools offer a platform for unbiased discovery and validation of longevity interventions.
Dr. Gladyshev is a recipient of the NIH Director’s Pioneer award and Eureka award to study mechanisms of lifespan control. He was also recognized as Redox Pioneer and received the Osborne and Mendel Award. Dr. Gladyshev has published approximately 350 articles.
Dr. Gladyshev received his BS/MS (highest honors) and PhD degrees from Moscow State University, followed by postdoc training at NIH. He had his first faculty position at the University of Nebraska before moving to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, in 2009.

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