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Lawrence Steinman, MD (Stanford) and Alexander Fleming, MD (Kitalys Institute/Kinexum) 

Join us for the 5th edition of a groundbreaking longevity conference showcasing the pioneers and progress in aging and age-related chronic diseases. With a mandate to accelerate the translation of cutting-edge scientific research and technology into public health to preempt chronic diseases and extend healthy longevity, Metabesity 2022 is a comprehensive forum and community for those aiming to actualize the transition from reactive treatment of diseases to proactive precision health. The conference emphasizes ‘silo-busting’ interactive discussions among top leaders in research, law and policy, industry and finance, while networking and fruitful discussions within the Metabesity 2022 community can continue throughout the year on the unique Kitalys Institute’s Virtual Campus. 

Sessions will include: 

  • Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic for the global pandemic of chronic diseases 

  • Cutting-edge scientific topics on longitudinal phenotypic biomarkers of aging, the integrative stress response, the role of mitochondrial dysregulation in inflammaging, immunosenescence and its effects on protective immunity, and aging biology in neurodegenerative diseases 

  • A proposed legislative framework for a new pathway for healthspan products, with tiered evidentiary standards for receipt and maintenance of market access and exclusivity 

  • Tractable efforts to accelerate aging biomarkers into surrogate and registrable endpoints 

  • Suggested elements of a national policy on healthy longevity 

  • Endogenous and exogenous ketosis 

  • Indicators on Big Pharma’s dive into the healthy longevity space 

  • Devices for healthy longevity 

  • New sources of funding and the mainstreaming of preemptive medicine and the longevity industry 

  • Jury prize-selected cash awards for the 3 best scientific abstracts and an Emerging Companies Showcase, including ‘large and small cap’ longevity companies 


Visit or contact for more information 

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